Why Print Matters

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Print is Still a Reliable Medium.

Print is still a top medium. Undivided attention that readers give to print advertising and messaging continues to make print ads valuable. There is no multi-tasking when you read an ad.

So what makes print ads special? The paper on which your message is printed lingers. If not for the intoxicating aroma of ink and paper but the longer shelve life. People tend to hang on to things that have a meaningful message.

Print ads should inspire you to stay longer. If you have time to read you are going to engage with the ad. Unlike digital pop-ups that come and go in a flash online. Print brochures, leaflets, and flyers become tangible reminders to take that call to action.

Patience is required for print. There is a longer lag time for measuring print ads impact. The advantage with print is multiple impressions because of the longer shelve-life. You are better served if your product or service doesn’t require immediacy.

The size of your printed piece is a consideration too. Is it easy to tuck away in a pocket or bag? They may be more likely to read it if they are killing time or on a journey back from a meeting.

Print Brochure and Digital Ad Partnership

You can’t maintain a marketing brand through digital alone. The best bang for your dollar is the “compliment effect” that printed brochures have with digital strategies. Companies also regard them as an aid for the sales team to make sure all talking points are discussed.

Brochure content can compel a reader to learn more about a business, product or service online. It can provide an offer that is exclusive online and traced back to that brochure. And let’s not forget some people prefer a hard copy.

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