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Market Survey Basics

Market research is the gathering and analyzing of market data, such as consumer preferences and trends. A survey can be used to gather information directly from the customer by asking questions about their preferences, habits, and experiences. The purpose of the survey is to provide you with insight about your target customers, such as how much money they spend on certain types of products, whether they are satisfied with their current options, and if they have interest for new products.

Types of Surveys

Surveys can be administered in two ways: questionnaires and interviews. Printed surveys or questionnaires that businesses hand out in public or mail to customers are common forms of market surveys. Restaurants often use questionnaires to gather feedback about the customer’s experience.

The technology today can provide immediate and large volumes of access to customer wants and needs. Sending customers surveys using an email campaign is easy and cost effective to.

More sophisticated businesses conduct phone interviews that can be more probing. You can employ follow up questions to explore the answers. This method is more time consuming and lacks access to unlisted numbers.

A third and growing survey method is the online interview. It connects you with a more global respondent and is quick and easy to implement.

Benefits of a Survey

Surveys can help businesses make better decisions about the services or product they provide. Analyzing the answers can prevent a business from making costly mistake such as investing time and money in a product the customers show little interest in. Surveys can help businesses understand the viability of a new idea.

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