Step by step guide to getting customers

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If you are a restaurateur you already have a good idea of what your customers like. You interact with them on a daily basis. You know what they like: quality-tasting food for a good price. Recently Panera Bread, a restaurant chain, made a transition to their menu by serving only organic food and ditching artificial ingredients. This change has received a lot of attention from the media and has escalated into a great PR campaign.

1. Develop a campaign.

In this case Panera Bread made a nutritional campaign based on their customers wanting healthy food without artificial ingredients. Not only are they providing this offer to their loyal customer base but also they are attracting a new nutritional conscience base to try their food.

2. Get your campaign out there.

• Make an impression with print.
All of their point of sale material such as menus, table tents, posters are reprinted to display the new healthy benefits of eating at Panera Bread. Don’t be surprised if one day you open up your mail and there is a post card offer to try one of their new healthier meals.

• Promote through blog and social media
Panera Bread promotes with educational and informational material that helps the customer understand the way to a healthier lifestyle. They not only provide a food service but they are now educating their customer base about being healthy and positioning themselves as a resource for healthy food.

3. Update your Website’s Content

You can be sure new customers will go to the website from more information about the product they saw in social media post or printed ad. It would be hard for them to release their entire menu through ads, so they use social media and printed material to drive customers to their website from more information.

4. Capture customer info

It’s important to capture customer information to use in future campaigns.
If you visit Panera Bread’s website today to place an online order or have a party catered you must sign in with a customer ID and password. Yep you guessed it in order to get the account you must register with name and contact information. They not only have your contact information but they have exactly what you ordered. That translates into product offers down the line for customer retention.

5. Measure your response

This is crucial to your bottom line and the investment you make to get new customers. You need to take in account what methods of advertising are getting the best response, so you can focus resources on them. Panera Bread has developed a marketing coup with their dedication to one event. Knowing your customer. Their customers want to eat healthy.

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the President of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX. Bartleby Press is a bulletin publishing company and website support service.