Planning for Stress Free Holiday Party

invitation-austin-printingThe most important element in planning a holiday party is to determine your goals and objectives. Creating an impressive and successful event may take the cooperation of more than one person especially for a business. Even a small business has fine points to coordinate and validate. Just like event designers you must be organized. They break the event down into a manageable timeline. Consider every step of the party from soup to nuts and everything in between. And try to get all of your planning done before September 15 at the very latest.

  1. Select your theme, date and budget
 Most small businesses will have a fall holiday party and picking which holiday to have your party is the first step. Once your theme is set pick a date and set your budget. Getting your invitation list for possible attendance is helpful for venue reservation and food and beverage arrangements.
  2. Invitations
 Send out invitations well in advance to assure your party is well attended. Today some notices are sent out through social media. E-vite is a convenient way to save-a-date or a party reminder. Following up with mailed invitations is the ideal reminder. Nothing says your holiday party is important than sending a printed invitation with RSVP.
  3. Reserve a Venue
 Restaurants are ideal if your business does not have the facilities to entertain. Maybe finding a location that has built-in entertainment such as a roller-skating rink or a bowling alley will add an element of adventure to your holiday party.
  4. Choose a Menu
 Check into established caterers or restaurant dining options at your venue. It would be wise to communicate early and often with your venue to ensure they can wow your guests with unusual food displays and creative holiday fare. Some restaurants offer food tastings.
  5. Entertainment 
How will your guests stay entertained at your party? Are you hiring a band, piano player or DJ to get your guests moving? If so reserving them now is essential to your party success.

Once you set your event in motion the countdown begins. Stay organized about your planning. Keep your checklist handy. As your event takes shape make sure all you do stays in line with your event budget and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask associates for help and build a team. If all are participating they become energized and thrilled about the goals at hand.

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the President of Bartleby Press, an Austin. TX printing service. Bartleby Press provides digital printing, offset printing, and more.