Building Relationships

Show case your products and services
Let your customers and organizations know you can get them the most comprehensive service in your area. Preparation for the last half of year is about to begin. And the time to make those third and fourth quarter numbers grow is NOW.

Tailor your offerings
Instead of dreading the endless hype of social media, think of the time tested business opportunity direct mail presents. You can configure multiple messages with a consistent presence. Content that is customized to interests resonates with most people. When you create an update share it with all or just a few.

Direct Mailings…Emails…Phone Calls…

Mail once a month or at minimum once a quarter
Stagger your messages with Direct Mail, Emails and follow up phone calls. Direct your customers to your latest and greatest idea that informs and offers products and services. Every update should convey your values with inspirational content and deliver a benefit.

AND More Mailings! More Emails! More Phone Calls!

We can skew your direct mail demographics by age, income, and much more. We can target your current customers and expand with a new customer base.

And best of all you can reach your customer base on multiple marketing channels with direct mail to email campaigns.

Cultivating relationships require care and attention. Follow this model to deliver useful, informative content that addresses needs and you will grow your business.

Let’s talk soon,
Bartleby Press.



Printing as a Marketing Service

 Print and Online Promotion

Competitive Advantages, Benefits
• Our diversified staff shares a passion for the printing service industry and a strong will to assist marketing campaigns to produce ROI for our clients.
• Working knowledge of Professional Services, Healthcare Industry, Entertainment Industry, Non-profit Organizations and a variety of start-ups.
• Bartleby Press is an Austin, TX based printing service that truly comprehends “brand building,” direct marketing and print as a marketing service.

Full Service Printing –Digital Printing, Offset Printing
• Pre-flight Processing of digital printing files
• File Archive for easy access, update and backup
• Printing service request on demand
• Printing Service Resource
• Rapid turn-around of Digital printing
• Mailing Service

Website Design and Maintenance
• Instant weekly updates
• Update on demand
• File Archive for easy access and backup

Information About Bartleby Press
• Founded 1986
• Total Staff of 7
2 Account Executives, 1 Production Manager, 3 Designers, 1 Press Supervisor


Step by step guide to getting customers

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If you are a restaurateur you already have a good idea of what your customers like. You interact with them on a daily basis. You know what they like: quality-tasting food for a good price. Recently Panera Bread, a restaurant chain, made a transition to their menu by serving only organic food and ditching artificial ingredients. This change has received a lot of attention from the media and has escalated into a great PR campaign. Continue reading

Digital Printing – 4 Ideas to Boost Sales

Using all your available resources


It’s still a numbers game!
Start your email and social media campaign with an amazing offer that encourages interested recipients to visit your website. This is the most effective way to reach an audience. At no cost, thousands even millions of recipients can see this offer.

Use the information gained!
The goal is getting an interested customers list. When you send out your email and social media campaign your tracking hits, views, and opens for the campaign. This is a list of your interested customers. You’ll have a better understanding of what age group, gender, and location of people are interested in your product. The more information you can gather the better you can fine-tune a message to your targeted group.

Integrate your Internet campaign with Direct Mail marketing.
Now that you have a targeted group of customers and a fine-tuned message for them, what is the best way to deliver it? Direct Mail marketing.

Now send a high quality printed post card that reflects your company.
Keep the dialog with your customers or future customers going with a high quality digital printed postcard. Something tangible the customer can hold in their hands. You’ve used your email and social media campaigns to narrow the broad audience to a defined customer list. A tangible post card speaks much louder then anything seen in a simple email, tweet, or post.

About the Author: Thomas Miner is the President of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX. Bartleby Press is an Austin printing company and website service.

Planning for Stress Free Holiday Party

invitation-austin-printingThe most important element in planning a holiday party is to determine your goals and objectives. Creating an impressive and successful event may take the cooperation of more than one person especially for a business. Even a small business has fine points to coordinate and validate. Just like event designers you must be organized. They break the event down into a manageable timeline. Consider every step of the party from soup to nuts and everything in between. And try to get all of your planning done before September 15 at the very latest. Continue reading

Print Service Boost Sales

Get FREE design with your next print order. Contact us today!

Get the right message in front of the right person at the right time. That is what business owners strive to do with every marketing message they send albeit in printprintmarket or electronic form. Big budget or small budget direct mail can target your market with 200 or 20,000 impressions. It is a proven media and it still works.

Valuable Content that Sells
Sending a relevant digital printed message about your product or service at the right time directly improves results and drives demand. It could be a simple as a thank you card with a next purchase discount. Continue reading

Now that you have a website, can you expect to see more business?


Conventional wisdom tells us that this is true if…you are investing more time and money with your SEO, social media, identifying your keywords, writing page descriptions with your key words, blogging, back linking and maybe hiring a website placement company to help you with all of the above to improve your page ranking.

There is NO GUARANTEE that all that investment will work!

Sound familiar? Why not return to what other businesses have abandoned–Direct Mail & Print Lead Generation Marketing. It’s proven and cost effective marketing solution with short run, low cost Every Door Direct Mail. Continue reading

Signage to Increase Sales

Ever hear the old saying that it can cost twelve times the amount to achieve a new client than to hold on to an existing one? This is often why signage marketing can be powerful, as a result, it targets existing customers and encourages purchasing, increasing length of relationship with each customer.

signageHow will signage marketing increase spending? Nice question. And, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, let’s scrutinize the Laws of Persuasion and provides some samples of how they will be employed to extend sales. Continue reading