Brochure That Sells. Tips on Making Effective Brochures

brochure, austin, texas, printingMaking an Effective Brochure

A brochure is a necessity for marketing your product because it leaves a tangible impression with your customer. It consists of two parts: Copy and Design. An effective brochure should inform and spell out why your product or service is best.

Understand the Customer’s Needs

Why should they buy your product? The first step in planning a great brochure is understand the customer’s needs. Put into words what problem your product or service solves. Explain what your product or services can do for them. An efficient brochure begins with the information it provides.

Sell the benefits, not the product

Your customer is not interested in the company or the product you sell; rather they are interested in the benefits your product gives them. Write copy for the brochure that sells the product or service’s benefits. For example, when cell phone companies market a new phone they highlight new features. “More storage, faster internet, and better pictures.” By highlighting new features they are selling the phone to customers based on the benefits the phone has over older models. The two most effective ways of selling benefits:

  • Write benefit oriented headlines to grab attention: Customers reading brochures will usually skim through headlines looking for information. Having your benefits in the headlines will grab their attention.
  • Highlight product or service key features with bullet points: Featured bullet points are the fastest way to summarize the benefits of a product. Remember brochures are not textbooks. They should be a light read with just enough information.

Give them a reason to respond. Have a call to action!

You have invested time in creating a brochure that catches the attention of your customer. Give your customer a reason to respond. Include special discounts or free gifts with purchases that are only valid through a specific date.

Be sure your company’s phone number, address, and website are easily found. The attention you have gained from potential customers is wasted if they can’t contact you.

Don’t Waste Space

A brochure has very limited space. You can’t afford to waste space. Understand the importance of images when deciding their size in brochures. Image size matters. A picture of your company’s office building doesn’t need to appear on the front cover. Or be very large. You’re not selling the customer on the size of your company building. Using images that illustrate the benefits of your product or service is ideal.


A brochure should be easy to read and navigate. The format used on one page should be consistent with the rest. This allows reader the ability to skim the brochure and understand where the information they are looking for will be.


Your brochure should reflect your company’s identity. Using company colors and ideology.

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