Invitations – Make an Awesome First impression

Invitations are more than a message to invite guest to your event. Invitations are a chance to leave an impression with your guests before they even arrive…and an inspiration to attend. When it comes right down to it a wedding invitation, a surprise birthday party or a fund-raising event the design and quality of the invitation speaks volumes and can determine a well-attended event.

When are printed invitations appropriate?invitations, invitation

In modern times sending digital invites are convenient and easy often the first choice for many of us. It makes sense to use a Facebook invite or an evite for an event only a couple weeks away. You see the notification and remember that in two weeks you now have plans for the weekend.

So, when is the best situation to send printed invitations? It’s best to use printed invitations for events that are planed far in advance. Weddings, mile stone birthdays, holiday and anniversary parties are great examples to opt for a printed invitation, especially for fund-raising events.

Events that are planned months require your guests to reserve a date in their schedule. Having a well-designed or themed invitation is a physical presence worth keeping. They will place the invitation in a place to view in their home or office. It is a constant reminder every time they pass it that they have a special event to attend in a few months.

Keep your invitations trendy

Getting the creative juices flowing is not hard even for the creatively challenged. Creative and original invitations are great, but sometimes you’ll need inspiration for a starting point. Pinterest, the world’s catalog of ideas, is the perfect website to find inspiration. If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest it’s free to sign up and easy to use. After creating an account you can search for just about anything and watch your browser fill up with posts about your themed event. These posts will take you to blogs about the topic of your choice. If you were to search the term, “wedding invitation” you’ll get a good idea of what’s currently trendy in or wedding invitations. Having your invitation’s design current makes it look professional and will excite your guests.

Design your invitation to the event

Having a great design is important, but the design should reflect event. Modern and trendy designs can look cool, but if you were having a wedding a more traditional invitation would work better.

Things to think about when designing an invitation:

  1. Does the event have any colors associated with it? Identifying the colors associated with an event creates the color scheme for your invitation.
  2. Is the event formal or informal? The choice of font used on the invitations should reflect if the party is formal or informal.
  3. What’s the theme of the party? The décor of an event should be represented in the imagery of the invitations. For example at a Hawaiian pool party the invitation should reflect Hawaiian imagery.

Let Us Help

Our designers at Bartleby Press have can help you create beautiful invitations. We work with you in all stages of creation to in sure you get the desired invitation. Contact Bartleby Press today to start designing your next invitation.

About the Author: Danny Strong is a Web Designer of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX.