Instagram a Modern Tool to Build Online Presence

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing service. It enables the user to take pictures and videos, and share them with the public. It allows companies a way to advertise and create a conversation with their followers. Instagram also is a great tool to generate traffic to your website.

How to benefit from Instagram?

A basic explanation of how Instagram works: There are Users and Followers. Users can post content or search for hash tags, names, or words to follow other Users. A Follower is someone that subscribes to receive another Users’ update.

Consistent posting

instagramMuch the same with any social media consistent posting or updates creates a following or conversation. Consistent posting is a reoccurring action in all the blogs when we write about building online presence. Truthfully, it’s the most important part of building presence. A company can’t expect to have a website or a social media page without posting new content. Nor can you expect to keep visitors entertained with out-of-date content. Imagine visiting a sports blog that only had information on the previous season. It would be interesting the first time you visited the site, but when you realized information wasn’t updating you’d stop visiting. New or updated Instagram posting reminds a follower you are there. If you’re not posting new content to Instagram you won’t show up on their feed.

Use #hash tags

Instagram has evolved past just posting pictures and videos. It now has it own rules and norms. Hash tags are used to tag a photo to a keyword or acronym. For example, #tbt would tag a photo meaning it’s a, “Throw back Thursday.” Users of Instagram know and actively use hundreds of hash tags when posting to generate attention. Using popular hash tags is a great way to gain followers. Some popular day specific hash tags include: #mcm (Man Crush Monday), #wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday), #tbt (Throw back Thursday), #friYAY. (Hooray it’s Friday). Posting content using hash tags creatively gets your post noticed. Beside day specific hash tags event specific tags such as #NBAfinals are a great way to create a new conversation with potential followers.

Your Follower’s are there to help

Your Followers can be used as marketing tools. By simply posting offers or a contest you can utilize current followers to gain more attention thus more Followers. Posting a picture of the product or your service with the caption, “tag 3 friends for a chance to win …” or “tag 3 friends to receive 30% off next purchase” creates free marketing. Your current follower is sharing your product or service with friends.

Let us help

Bartleby Press has a team prepared to help you start your companies Instagram or social media strategy. We work with you in all stages of creation. Contact Bartleby Press today to start a new social media campaign.