Holiday Season is Great for Marketing


Time to prepare for the Holiday Season is Now!

The holiday season seems to begin earlier every year. It’s not unusual to see retail stores begin selling Christmas decorations before Halloween. The sales start early for a reason.

Plan a Festive Holiday Campaign

Thanksgiving and Christmas is the simple holiday to create a marketing campaign. Your customers are shopping for gifts. That means they are looking for a bargain, a special sale. Start now to win customers over before your competition.

Send your loyal and prospective customers a postcard with a festive call-to-action. Vast amounts of holiday and winter imagery are available with your local printer. It makes designing a postcard, brochure or flyer easy. If your planning to design the piece yourself or seek help from a designer the same preparation apply:

  1. Decide whether your campaign will be based around the religious holiday, the commercial holiday, or the season of winter. This decision should be easily determined by your customer base, product, or companies ideology.
  2. Search the web, like Pinterst and social media to get ideas for your campaign. It’s not advised to copy a campaign, but it is a great idea to find inspiration. Look for trendy fonts and design elements that are attractive and compelling.
  3. Find imagery you like and can use on stock photography websites.
  4. Create a call-to-action that encompasses the holiday spirit. For example: “Happy Holidays, Buy one and give the second as a gift to a friend” is a more festive way of saying, “Buy one and get one free.”

Gathering this information before contacting a designer will make the process of creating the campaign easier.

Send your customers a thank you!

The winter holidays stir the spirit of appreciation. Send your customers a card thanking them for their business and wishing them the best. The idea behind this type of campaign it to remind customers of your relationship. Sending current or previous customers exclusive offers makes them feel special. It also reminds them or your services and product.

Don’t stop now!

A New Year campaign is another opportunity to market your company. Depending on the products or services your company provides gives you different marketing campaign options. The two big marketing campaigns for the New Year are:

  1. 1. “A New Year, a New You” New Year is the time for resolutions and new beginnings. Most people take it upon themselves to live a healthier or better life. If your company provides services or products that can improve a customer’s life take this route.
  2. 2. A preview into the upcoming year. Maybe you can’t market your company’s products and services to better your customer’s life. The New Year is also a time to look a head and move forward. January is a great time to send out a campaign highlighting events of the upcoming year.

Get Help

Bartleby Press has a team prepared to design your company’s winter campaign. We work with you in all stages of creation. Contact Bartleby Press today to prepare for winter.