Signage to Increase Sales

Ever hear the old saying that it can cost twelve times the amount to achieve a new client than to hold on to an existing one? This is often why signage marketing can be powerful, as a result, it targets existing customers and encourages purchasing, increasing length of relationship with each customer.

signageHow will signage marketing increase spending? Nice question. And, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, let’s scrutinize the Laws of Persuasion and provides some samples of how they will be employed to extend sales. Continue reading

Get your Logo Design Printing!

Using a local printing service to negotiate your business’ print branding can make all the difference. Developing logo, imagery, precision is what we do best. Take your business to a new level of authority in your community. Logo design is a key aspect to excellent print branding!

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“A logo is your business’s public face,” says Patrick Llewellyn, president and CEO of 99designs, a graphic design firm where businesses hold online contests to find new logos. “If it doesn’t represent your business at its core, it’s time for a change.” Continue reading

The advantage of combining printing with social media.

Printing a strong direct mail piece is quite capable of producing a response but adding a digital element can increase the power of messaging.

printing social media

 Combining direct mail with other marketing activities increase campaign payback by up to 20%.

 8 out of 10 consumers use at least two or more channels* to perform purchasing research.

*online, in-store, print catalogs, mobile devics, customer service reps.

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Business Card Etiquette

1. Keep your business card to yourself. Do not hand out your business card to everyone you see as if they are playing cards. Be selective about who you choose to exchange information. To be truly polite, the card should be removed from leather or professional business card case and have a spotless appearance.

2. Never refuse to accept another’s business card. It is the polite action. Business cards come dispensable compared to potential gaffes. If a person is interested in contacting you they will give you their card or ask you for yours. In some cultures writing a note on your card before you hand it over could be viewed as an insult. Taking notes after a meeting is a better choice. Continue reading