Business Logo – the symbol of your company

Business logo – the symbol of your company’s identity. It creates the first impression for your customer. The best logos send a clear message about the company, create brand value, and give a more professional appearance.

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Consider a brand such as Nike known globally with one of the most recognizable logos. The Nike “swoosh” was created by a young college student, Carolyn Davidson, to express movement while looking good on shoes. From a humble start Nike grew and as it grew the “swoosh” became iconic. The company logo has become the company. Customers buy Nike apparel because it has the “swoosh” on it. They want others to know they are wearing Nike.

Big companies such as Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, and etc. all have very recognizable business logos. They all started with humble beginnings and as they grew customers and positional customers identified logos with the company’s quality. Even starting a small business you need a logo your customers can identify with your company.

How do you go about designing a good business logo?

“A business logo is a symbol of your company’s identity” This is the first thing to think about when designing a logo. Write a simple sentence about what your company is and does. This sentence should be the guideline for creating the business logo.

Logo Types

There are three types of logos.
1. Font-based logos – Many companies such as Google, Sony, and FedEx have logos created from type treatment and original fonts.
2. Literal – The NBA, MLB, Shell, and Target are just a few examples of companies whose logos are what they do or the name of the company. The NBA’s logo is a basketball player. Shell’s logo is a shell.
3. Abstract– Nike, AT&T, and BMW are a few examples of companies with abstract logos. These logos were created to express an ideal of the company with an abstract piece of art.

Include the company name

It is important to include the company’s name within the business logo. This makes the customer associate the company’s name with the symbol it’s paired with. Once a company is large enough the customers will already associated the logo with the company. For example McDonalds, Apple, Nike, Pepsi are all companies a majority people recognize by name and logo. All those companies’ early logo renditions included the company’s name. For example, McDonald’s started in 1940 it wasn’t until the 90’s the majority of the logos dropped the McDonald’s tagline. In modern times a lot of companies can be recognized by their logos because they are used as icons for apps. The icon may not include the company’s name but the name is present below the icon.

Scope out the competition

It’s a good idea to look at competitor’s logos when creating your own. Getting an idea of the types of work for your competition is a good starting point.

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