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Business Cards are one of the most powerful marketing tools for their cost and size. In an era of digital marketing, business cards have stood the test of time. A business card presents a professional image of your company and has a lasting impression.

The card should be very personal after all it is a representation of you and your business or service. Internationally the business card is a tool that is given only when necessary and there is a genuine interest in doing business. Therefore is must be of a quality that means something when you give it away.

The choice of paper, font, colors, and imagery all combine to create an image of your business. If you ran a lawn mowing company your choices of font, color, and imagery would be greatly different than a web designer

How to choose a business card

There are many different types of business cards that can me summed up into 5 categories.

  1. Basic – This business card contains the basic information about the company in line copy and a logo. This is the simple clean and professional card and still effective. Financial and health care industry.
  2. Picture – This is an upgrade to the basic business card. Contains the basic information along with a picture. This is a common practice for realtors; name and face recognition.
  3. Multi-use – Business cards can serve many purposes. Along with containing the information about you and your company the business card can have a promotion and act as a coupon.
  4. Outside-the-box cards –Creative thinking can manifest in many ways. There are no rules that business cards have to be a certain size or shape. A brewery could have circular card that double as coaster, a sculptor an embossed card, a loyalty card with a tracking punch outs for purchases. Thermograph (raised lettering) and die cut cards cut to a specific shape add interest and curiosity to explore a person or business.

Things to think about when ordering business cards

It’s always best to have some understanding or knowledge before making a purchase. The same goes with buying business cards. Designers and printers can help you create the card you want, but the process will be a lot smoother if you have some sort of blue print. Before ordering your business cards you should have an idea font, colors, and picture. It will affect your print process and cost.

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