Brochures – A valuable marketing tool.


brochures, bartlebypress, austin, texasBrochures have always been a valuable component of marketing despite the rise of digital promotion. Marketing online through blogs and social media is efficient, but not optimal in all situations. Imagine a business convention. It would be inefficient for potential customers to rely on their phones to learn about the products offered. Brochures offer a physical presence for your potential costumer that has staying power.


Brochures are a short presentation of a company, product, or service. Think of a brochure as an offline website. Any information a prospective customer would look for on a webpage to fulfill their need can be addressed in the brochure. The brochure is not only an advertisement for business but a tool to drive customers to your website.


Brochures have a limited amount of space for the content they can provide. Answer the questions your customer wants to know. “Who you are? What you do? Where you do it? How you do it?” should be a good starting point in creating content for you brochure.

Having a promotion in your brochure that compliments an online registration continues your conversation and collects valuable information.

Don’t limit the content to the confines of the paper it’s printed on, use Qr codes, promotions and a call-to-action to encourage readers to visit your website.


Brochures are most effective as a “follow-up” device. Talking to a potential customer then following up with a brochure as a reminder of the company, product, or service is idea. Following up could mean sending the potential customer the brochure through the mail or handing it to them in person.

Learn more with Bartleby Press as we explore the best way to design brochures in next week’s blog.

About the Author: Danny Strong is a Web and Graphic Designer of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX.