Building Relationships

Show case your products and services
Let your customers and organizations know you can get them the most comprehensive service in your area. Preparation for the last half of year is about to begin. And the time to make those third and fourth quarter numbers grow is NOW.

Tailor your offerings
Instead of dreading the endless hype of social media, think of the time tested business opportunity direct mail presents. You can configure multiple messages with a consistent presence. Content that is customized to interests resonates with most people. When you create an update share it with all or just a few.

Direct Mailings…Emails…Phone Calls…

Mail once a month or at minimum once a quarter
Stagger your messages with Direct Mail, Emails and follow up phone calls. Direct your customers to your latest and greatest idea that informs and offers products and services. Every update should convey your values with inspirational content and deliver a benefit.

AND More Mailings! More Emails! More Phone Calls!

We can skew your direct mail demographics by age, income, and much more. We can target your current customers and expand with a new customer base.

And best of all you can reach your customer base on multiple marketing channels with direct mail to email campaigns.

Cultivating relationships require care and attention. Follow this model to deliver useful, informative content that addresses needs and you will grow your business.

Let’s talk soon,
Bartleby Press.