Why Print Matters

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Print is Still a Reliable Medium.

Print is still a top medium. Undivided attention that readers give to print advertising and messaging continues to make print ads valuable. There is no multi-tasking when you read an ad.

So what makes print ads special? The paper on which your message is printed lingers. If not for the intoxicating aroma of ink and paper but the longer shelve life. People tend to hang on to things that have a meaningful message.

Print ads should inspire you to stay longer. If you have time to read you are going to engage with the ad. Unlike digital pop-ups that come and go in a flash online. Print brochures, leaflets, and flyers become tangible reminders to take that call to action.

Patience is required for print. There is a longer lag time for measuring print ads impact. The advantage with print is multiple impressions because of the longer shelve-life. You are better served if your product or service doesn’t require immediacy.

The size of your printed piece is a consideration too. Is it easy to tuck away in a pocket or bag? They may be more likely to read it if they are killing time or on a journey back from a meeting.

Print Brochure and Digital Ad Partnership

You can’t maintain a marketing brand through digital alone. The best bang for your dollar is the “compliment effect” that printed brochures have with digital strategies. Companies also regard them as an aid for the sales team to make sure all talking points are discussed.

Brochure content can compel a reader to learn more about a business, product or service online. It can provide an offer that is exclusive online and traced back to that brochure. And let’s not forget some people prefer a hard copy.

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Surveys – Your strategy for the upcoming year.


Evaluate your success and plan your strategy for the upcoming year.

Market Survey Basics

Market research is the gathering and analyzing of market data, such as consumer preferences and trends. A survey can be used to gather information directly from the customer by asking questions about their preferences, habits, and experiences. The purpose of the survey is to provide you with insight about your target customers, such as how much money they spend on certain types of products, whether they are satisfied with their current options, and if they have interest for new products.

Types of Surveys

Surveys can be administered in two ways: questionnaires and interviews. Printed surveys or questionnaires that businesses hand out in public or mail to customers are common forms of market surveys. Restaurants often use questionnaires to gather feedback about the customer’s experience.

The technology today can provide immediate and large volumes of access to customer wants and needs. Sending customers surveys using an email campaign is easy and cost effective to.

More sophisticated businesses conduct phone interviews that can be more probing. You can employ follow up questions to explore the answers. This method is more time consuming and lacks access to unlisted numbers.

A third and growing survey method is the online interview. It connects you with a more global respondent and is quick and easy to implement.

Benefits of a Survey

Surveys can help businesses make better decisions about the services or product they provide. Analyzing the answers can prevent a business from making costly mistake such as investing time and money in a product the customers show little interest in. Surveys can help businesses understand the viability of a new idea.

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Brochure That Sells. Tips on Making Effective Brochures

brochure, austin, texas, printingMaking an Effective Brochure

A brochure is a necessity for marketing your product because it leaves a tangible impression with your customer. It consists of two parts: Copy and Design. An effective brochure should inform and spell out why your product or service is best.

Understand the Customer’s Needs

Why should they buy your product? The first step in planning a great brochure is understand the customer’s needs. Put into words what problem your product or service solves. Explain what your product or services can do for them. An efficient brochure begins with the information it provides.

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Holiday Season is Great for Marketing


Time to prepare for the Holiday Season is Now!

The holiday season seems to begin earlier every year. It’s not unusual to see retail stores begin selling Christmas decorations before Halloween. The sales start early for a reason.

Plan a Festive Holiday Campaign

Thanksgiving and Christmas is the simple holiday to create a marketing campaign. Your customers are shopping for gifts. That means they are looking for a bargain, a special sale. Start now to win customers over before your competition.

Send your loyal and prospective customers a postcard with a festive call-to-action. Vast amounts of holiday and winter imagery are available with your local printer. It makes designing a postcard, brochure or flyer easy. If your planning to design the piece yourself or seek help from a designer the same preparation apply:

  1. Decide whether your campaign will be based around the religious holiday, the commercial holiday, or the season of winter. This decision should be easily determined by your customer base, product, or companies ideology.
  2. Search the web, like Pinterst and social media to get ideas for your campaign. It’s not advised to copy a campaign, but it is a great idea to find inspiration. Look for trendy fonts and design elements that are attractive and compelling.
  3. Find imagery you like and can use on stock photography websites.
  4. Create a call-to-action that encompasses the holiday spirit. For example: “Happy Holidays, Buy one and give the second as a gift to a friend” is a more festive way of saying, “Buy one and get one free.”

Gathering this information before contacting a designer will make the process of creating the campaign easier.

Send your customers a thank you!

The winter holidays stir the spirit of appreciation. Send your customers a card thanking them for their business and wishing them the best. The idea behind this type of campaign it to remind customers of your relationship. Sending current or previous customers exclusive offers makes them feel special. It also reminds them or your services and product.

Don’t stop now!

A New Year campaign is another opportunity to market your company. Depending on the products or services your company provides gives you different marketing campaign options. The two big marketing campaigns for the New Year are:

  1. 1. “A New Year, a New You” New Year is the time for resolutions and new beginnings. Most people take it upon themselves to live a healthier or better life. If your company provides services or products that can improve a customer’s life take this route.
  2. 2. A preview into the upcoming year. Maybe you can’t market your company’s products and services to better your customer’s life. The New Year is also a time to look a head and move forward. January is a great time to send out a campaign highlighting events of the upcoming year.

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Business Logo – the symbol of your company

Business logo – the symbol of your company’s identity. It creates the first impression for your customer. The best logos send a clear message about the company, create brand value, and give a more professional appearance.

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Consider a brand such as Nike known globally with one of the most recognizable logos. The Nike “swoosh” was created by a young college student, Carolyn Davidson, to express movement while looking good on shoes. From a humble start Nike grew and as it grew the “swoosh” became iconic. The company logo has become the company. Customers buy Nike apparel because it has the “swoosh” on it. They want others to know they are wearing Nike. Continue reading

Business Card Leave a personal impression

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Business Cards are one of the most powerful marketing tools for their cost and size. In an era of digital marketing, business cards have stood the test of time. A business card presents a professional image of your company and has a lasting impression.

The card should be very personal after all it is a representation of you and your business or service. Internationally the business card is a tool that is given only when necessary and there is a genuine interest in doing business. Therefore is must be of a quality that means something when you give it away.

The choice of paper, font, colors, and imagery all combine to create an image of your business. If you ran a lawn mowing company your choices of font, color, and imagery would be greatly different than a web designer Continue reading

Instagram a Modern Tool to Build Online Presence

Instagram is an online photo and video sharing service. It enables the user to take pictures and videos, and share them with the public. It allows companies a way to advertise and create a conversation with their followers. Instagram also is a great tool to generate traffic to your website.

How to benefit from Instagram?

A basic explanation of how Instagram works: There are Users and Followers. Users can post content or search for hash tags, names, or words to follow other Users. A Follower is someone that subscribes to receive another Users’ update.

Consistent posting

instagramMuch the same with any social media consistent posting or updates creates a following or conversation. Consistent posting is a reoccurring action in all the blogs when we write about building online presence. Truthfully, it’s the most important part of building presence. A company can’t expect to have a website or a social media page without posting new content. Nor can you expect to keep visitors entertained with out-of-date content. Imagine visiting a sports blog that only had information on the previous season. It would be interesting the first time you visited the site, but when you realized information wasn’t updating you’d stop visiting. New or updated Instagram posting reminds a follower you are there. If you’re not posting new content to Instagram you won’t show up on their feed. Continue reading

Invitations – Make an Awesome First impression

Invitations are more than a message to invite guest to your event. Invitations are a chance to leave an impression with your guests before they even arrive…and an inspiration to attend. When it comes right down to it a wedding invitation, a surprise birthday party or a fund-raising event the design and quality of the invitation speaks volumes and can determine a well-attended event.

When are printed invitations appropriate?invitations, invitation

In modern times sending digital invites are convenient and easy often the first choice for many of us. It makes sense to use a Facebook invite or an evite for an event only a couple weeks away. You see the notification and remember that in two weeks you now have plans for the weekend.

So, when is the best situation to send printed invitations? It’s best to use printed invitations for events that are planed far in advance. Weddings, mile stone birthdays, holiday and anniversary parties are great examples to opt for a printed invitation, especially for fund-raising events.

Events that are planned months require your guests to reserve a date in their schedule. Having a well-designed or themed invitation is a physical presence worth keeping. They will place the invitation in a place to view in their home or office. It is a constant reminder every time they pass it that they have a special event to attend in a few months. Continue reading

Brochures – A valuable marketing tool.


brochures, bartlebypress, austin, texasBrochures have always been a valuable component of marketing despite the rise of digital promotion. Marketing online through blogs and social media is efficient, but not optimal in all situations. Imagine a business convention. It would be inefficient for potential customers to rely on their phones to learn about the products offered. Brochures offer a physical presence for your potential costumer that has staying power.


Brochures are a short presentation of a company, product, or service. Think of a brochure as an offline website. Any information a prospective customer would look for on a webpage to fulfill their need can be addressed in the brochure. The brochure is not only an advertisement for business but a tool to drive customers to your website.


Brochures have a limited amount of space for the content they can provide. Answer the questions your customer wants to know. “Who you are? What you do? Where you do it? How you do it?” should be a good starting point in creating content for you brochure.

Having a promotion in your brochure that compliments an online registration continues your conversation and collects valuable information.

Don’t limit the content to the confines of the paper it’s printed on, use Qr codes, promotions and a call-to-action to encourage readers to visit your website.


Brochures are most effective as a “follow-up” device. Talking to a potential customer then following up with a brochure as a reminder of the company, product, or service is idea. Following up could mean sending the potential customer the brochure through the mail or handing it to them in person.

Learn more with Bartleby Press as we explore the best way to design brochures in next week’s blog.

About the Author: Danny Strong is a Web and Graphic Designer of Bartleby Press, Austin. TX.

Direct Mail Marketing: 3 Good Reasons to Use

Direct Mail is a physical presence

Direct Mail marketing is a great way to put your company in front of a prospective customer and grab their attention. When sorting through the mail, simple catching a glimpse at a, “40% off your service” can land you a new customer.
direct mail
It’s a lot easier to completely ignore emails but a printed ad is physically in their hands. Continue reading